Our Volunteer Team: How It Works

We currently have a team of volunteers that literally spans the world. The only one missing is you!

We maintain a list of volunteers on file so that when a project comes up that requires help in a particular area, we send out a request to those who are qualified. From the respondents we assign those who will help in the given project, and send them instructions or materials, giving them a deadline or asking them for an estimate as to when they can finish the task. We also give them access to our project manager website and track their progress on their tasks. Once the volunteers submit the results, their work is reviewed for quality and incorporated into our existing projects.

Most work is occasional, requiring only a few hours of effort, depending on the project’s needs. If you are too busy to work on the requested project, just say so, and wait for the next request for help. Since we operate on a per-project basis, there may be times when volunteers are not called upon to work; yet maintaining a good list of volunteers is essential for our success. Because of the sensitivity of the work, some volunteer opportunities (legal, accounting, etc.) require references.

If you have questions about our volunteer system, please email us using the contact us page.

To join our volunteer team, please return to the Volunteer page and fill out the form.

We very much appreciate it!

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